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American Bombshell MAN O’WAR 8.2 inch Anal Dildo

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The American Bombshell MAN O’WAR is BIG, THICK and SHINY. He’s appealing, satisfying and guaranteed to deliver intense sensations during play.

If you like your dildos meaty and of a decent size - treat yourself to this MAN O’WAR. He comes in at an impressive 8.2 inches of insertable length and with a girth of 6.28inches at his widest points.

The flat base ensures stability while taking in all 6.28" of girth. Man-oh-man o’ war!

We recommend using the American Bombsell MAN O’WAR with your favourite water based lubricant from the Clonezone range. When you’ve finished playing, this american bad-boy is easy to clean up with warm water and one of CZ’s toy cleaning sprays.

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Brand Doc Johnson
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