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Electraloops Metallic Adjustable Cock Loops

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If you love the feel of metal cock rings but crave a more tailored fit for your size and shape then the ElectraStim Metallic ElectraLoops could be your perfect match. Made from a non-stretch metallic coil, they offer excellent conductivity and complete comfort during wear. Slip the loops around any part of your shaft to intensify the sexual sensations you feel during masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex.

Adjusting up to 1.75 inches in diameter, this duo of uni-polar adjustable cock rings will fit most men. Wear one and share sensation with a partner, or try out both for hands-free stimulation along your full length. For the best-possible experience we recommend that you lubricate our Metallic ElectraLoops with our electro-conductive gel.


Uni-polar for external stimulation – takes 1x 2mm pin connector. 2 ElectraLoops are included in each pack. You will need to connect ElectraLoops to an ElectraStim stimulator to feel sensation.


Adjustable up to 1.75 inches (44.5mm) in diameter. Need something a little bigger? Try our Large Metallic ElectraLoop.

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