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OptiMALE 3 Ring Set THIN

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Optimize your XXX experiences with this stunning, high quality cock ring set from the erotic design team at OptiMALE from Doc Johnson.

This set gives you access to THREE luxurious cock rings in three sizes, to suit your needs and your anatomy. These comfortable rings can be used on your shaft, your balls or BOTH! They are fantastic for maintaining meatier, harder erections and for increasing stamina as well as sexual satisfaction.

The soft, luxurious material feels great against your intimate skin. These sleek rings are tight enough to benefit you sexually but have enough ’give’ to feel great without being too intense for comfortable play. You will love them.



Inner Diameter: 2, Inner Circumference: 6.28


Inner Diameter: 1.8, Inner Circumference: 6.12


Inner Diameter: 1.6, Inner Circumference: 5.02

The OptiMALE 3 Ring set is phthalate-free and also available in a thick selection at Clonezone.

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Brand Doc Johnson
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