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Oxballs UNIT-X Super Sleek Sportsling - Red

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The original Cocksling is the filthy fella’s at Oxballs’ best seller, and at clonezone we’re not surprised, as it is one of our favourite toys too. The Unit-X Sling is a sleeker, sportier version of the thick and durable Cocksling. Atomic Jock is Oxballs’ range of more refinded, lightweight sex toys, and unlike the Cocksling, the Unit-X wraps around just the base of your dick and the top of your ball sack. The Unit-X still grips your cock for a rock hard erection, but is less bulky than the original.

Made from an all new blend of Oxball’s infamous FLEX-TPR, the Unit-X will stretch to fit you, however big your junk is. It’s lighter and more malleable for a more comfortable fit. Perfect for a quicky, the Unit-X’s lightweight design also makes it ideal for wearing under your clothes for a bigger bulge and one intense day at the office.

The Unit-X Sling is made from lube-safe, non-toxic, phthalate free FLEX-TPR. Wash in soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other.

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