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Perfect Fit FAT BOY Thin Sheath: Black

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Introducing the newest addition to the Fat Boy range at Perfect Fit - the Fat Boy Thin.

This sheath is IDEAL for those who are looking for a realistic penetration experience - as it’s Perfect Fit’s thinnest sheath yet. This super strong sheath gives a little bit of extra girth to your penis without it being outrageously large - we want your partner to be able to handle it, after all ;)

The inside of the sheath features nubs and ribs that feel great rubbing against your Penis shaft and head. So both of you will have a great time.

The material is a supple Silaskin which is a blend of TPR and Silicone. This sheath has a fantastic stretch factor, for a comfortable fit and perfect grip. The inside of the sheath measures 6.5 inches. You can use the sheath for both penetration and masturbation. We advice lubing both the inside and outside for a HOT experience. We recommend using only water based lube with this sheath. After you have finished, wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Please note - this is NOT a replacement for a Condom. The Fat Boy Thin sheath is not a contraceptive.

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