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pjur BACK DOOR Anal Comfort Spray 20ml

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Pjur BACK DOOR Anal Comfort Spray eases the sting of anal intercourse and anal play. This unique formula comes in a 20ml bottle that's sprayed directly onto the anus.

The relaxing formula gently 'numbs' your anus for less sting during penetration and playtime with your butt. Simply spray the formula directly onto your anus and rub around and through the entrance gently to feel the benefits. The result is a relaxed hole that has more elasticity, so you can please yourself and your top. You will feel the benefits both in your skin and in the tissue.

When you first spray this on, yo will get a 'menthol' sensation that feels slightly shocking but that is just the numbing agent taking effect. This is nothing to worry about.

The spray is relaxing, soothing and safe for use with condoms. Making this product ideal for those who suffer with 'sting'.

Does NOT include lidocaine or benzocaine. Skin kind.

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