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Titus Fine 10mm THICK Cock Ring | Size Options

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A lot of cock rings are designed to take control of your member and make themselves known the whole time you have them on. But others, like this one, take a more subtle approach to supporting your favourite body part. Choose from three sizes of this narrow yet powerful cock ring that won’t interfere with your bedroom activities. The Titus Fine 10mm Thick Stainless Steel Cock Ring is designed to be a non-intrusive support for your cock and balls. Whether you are wearing it to delay your ejaculation or to just get everything where you want it to be, this cock ring will get the job done without being cumbersome or uncomfortable. The narrow design and light weight of the metal wont distract from the power that is your own manhood. You may even forget that you are wearing it and think that your dick has just gotten a bit of attitude recently.

Cock rings are great for men who have erectile dysfunction as well; they provide support and stability so that guys can enjoy themselves without worrying about going soft or finishing too soon. This particular ring is made of nickel-free stainless steel which makes it super durable and simple to clean when you need to.

Choose from three different sizes - 45mm, 50mm, or 55mm - of diameter to get the right grip and feel for your cock.

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Regulärer Preis: 24,95 €

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Artikelnummer opt-38378222
Main Material Steel
Brand Titus
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