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Titus Heavy Duty 10mm Thick Stainless Steel

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This is the heaviest grip we offer. It holds you tight and touches you in every place you need it to. The Titus Heavy Duty 10mm cock ring pulls your balls forward and squeezes your cock against your scrotum. This ring keeps all your favourite parts pressed together and will not let go until you’ve had enough. Think of it as a huge hand holding on to you and guiding you to your next orgasm. The ring is suitable for all sorts of situations. You can wear it by yourself or when having fun with a partner. You can wear it in the bedroom or under your clothing as you go about your daily business. You can wear it to stabilize your erection or to stop yourself from finishing too soon. Cock rings are also amazing for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Since there are all sorts of cocks out there, this ring comes in three different sizes of diameter. Choose from 45mm, 50mm, or 55mm to get the grip you want. Made of smooth stainless steel, this ring is easy to clean and won’t break no matter how much fun you are having with its awesomely strong and unforgettable grip.

Made from medical grade, Nickel free Stainless steel

Small Internal diameter 45mm x 10mm thick
Medium Internal diameter 50mm x 10mm thick
Large Internal diameter 55mm x 10mm thick

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Regulärer Preis: 26,95 €

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Artikelnummer opt-93659496
Main Material Steel
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