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Titus Princes Wand Hollow w/ Frenulum Stimulator | Size Options

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Why settle for basic when you can go all out? There are so many areas of your member that need pleasure, and you should make sure each one gets its share of the fun. The Titus Prince’s Wand Hollow with glans Ring can deliver just that. For starters, the durable plug comes in four different sizes to suit everyone whether your’e a beginner or expert cock plug user. The wand will slide deep into your cock stimulating you from the inside out. The next thing you will notice is the sturdy ring that fits over your stiff and throbbing head. Suddenly you’ll feel an added sense of pressure and pleasure as the orb at the bottom of the glans ring touches you in all the right places. Since the shaft of this wand is hollow, it won’t interrupt your flow as you finish in ecstasy from the multitude of sensations this small device can give you. You can even combine it with other dilators, ropes, and chains, if you want even more of a thrill. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, there’s no risk of it breaking apart when things get intense and cleanup is a breeze. Get ready to feel the power of this plug radiate through your entire body - you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for anything less.

Length: 120mm
Wand Diameter: 8mm

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Regulärer Preis: 29,95 €

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Regulärer Preis: 29,95 €

Special Price 22,95 €


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