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Titus Replacement Anal Ball

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Have you somehow lost one of the balls to your enhanced and advanced cock ring? Or maybe you are just looking to move up to a larger, more stimulating size? Consider a Titus Replacement Ball so you can keep having the fun you want with these quality products. The balls on the end of the Titus Cock Ring and Anal Ball or the Titus Cock Ring and Double Anal Ball are removable for cleaning, so it is easy to understand how they might get lost.

These sturdy balls also come in the 33mm size, which is the smallest one we make. We also understand that you might be looking for a larger size to increase your pleasure, and Titus offers replacement balls in 40mm, 45mm, and 55mm as well. Each of these sizes is sure to make a provocative impact and arouse you from the inside out. Like most of our other products, these replacement balls are made of surgical grade steel which means that they are both durable and easy to clean. Choose the size that you are looking for, or order all four and experiment with different levels of pressure and pleasure. You definitely will not be disappointed.

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18,95 €

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18,95 €


Artikelnummer opt-43562591
Main Material Steel
Brand Titus
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