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Titus Stainless Steel Ring | RIBBED

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Don’t settle for your basic cock ring. Enhance your manhood and accentuate your erection with this elegant cock ring that grips you tightly like a lover’s fist. The Titus Ribbed Stainless Steel Ring is a premium product for the man who is looking for something more than any basic cock ring. This ring is made of 100% surgical steel, which is great for people with allergies to certain alloys, and quite easy to clean when necessary. You also don’t have to worry about it breaking from over use. Both the inside and the outside of the ring have been vigorously polished so that the surface of the ring is smooth. This means it glides effortlessly over the skin of your cock and balls and feels comfortable when worn for a long period of time.

Whether you are wearing it for an extra-long session in the bedroom, or you like to keep it on under your daily clothes, this ring will stay comfortable as its rigid yet smooth surface presses up against your member at all times. Choose from three sizes on the drop down above - 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm - so that you are sure to get the grip you want and the stability you deserve.

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Artikelnummer opt-14842239
Main Material Steel
Brand Titus
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