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Titus Surgical Anal Speculum: Graves (Size Options)

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Doctor Graves is ready to see you now...

Introducing the popular Graves speculum from Titus Toys. This sleek, clean speculum is made completely of Stainless Steel.

The upper prong is fully adjustable, allowing a gradual widened prong option. The Graves speculum also features an adjustable screw so that it stays open for hand’s free play. HIGHLY polished with an ultra smooth, sleek finish that adds to this medical toys high quality appeal. This fetish medical device is designed to push the boundaries of anal satisfaction. Are you ready?

Simply add some a lube of your choice to both the speculum AND yourself... then get ready to play Doctors and Doctors.

Insertable length: 10cm
Width: 3.5cm

Insertable length: 12cm
Width: 3.5cm

Please note: Not for Beginners

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19,95 €
19,95 €


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